A tribute to Mr Joe Hegarty

A tribute to Mr Joe Hegarty

It is with deep sadness that we have learned of the passing of Mr Joe Hegarty, a stalwart of the Culmore community and agreat friend to our school.

Joe was sacristan in Thornhill Chapel for many years, and he worked tirelessly for the Culmore conference of St. Vincent de Paul. His commitment to the parish and the school was remarkable, and many of the more memorable events and celebrations that were organised over the years were only possible because of Joe’s able assistance. Many local people received quiet help from Joe during difficult periods in their lives, and this help was given without any question, or without anything expected in return; that was Joe.

Nothing was beyond Joe; organising Christmas dinners for elderly residents, helping with difficult maintenance issues in the Chapel and school, seeing to neighbours who were struggling.

He was a devoted family man, a man of faith, a worker, a man who got things done, a man with a vocation to making the lives of others a little bit easier, a man with wide and varied interests, whose collection of model lorries is celebrated nationally and beyond! Knowing Joe was a privilege and a blessing, and he will be sorely missed by all at Hollybush.

We extend to Joe’s wife, Anne, his daughter Joanne, and his wider circle of family and friends the deepest condolences of our school community at this sad time.

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