Hollybush Primary & Nursery School Marathon Challenge

Marathon Challenge
Hollybush Primary & Nursery School Marathon Challenge

Welcome to the Launch of our exciting new initiative!

Hollybush Walk/Jog/Run Marathon Challenge.

Launch Monday 12th March 2018

@ 8.40am in the Playground

Here at Hollybush we aim to promote a positive attitude towards physical activity, to develop among pupils an enjoyment of physical exercise and create a link between healthy living and general fitness.

We also aim to enhance a child’s confidence and self-esteem by experiencing success in mastering a skill. Healthy living is a core part of our overall ethos.

The Marathon challenge is the brain child of Andy Mc Dermott who is an athlete par excellence having completed a number of full marathons (in very slow times mind you!!).

Seriously though, with the full support of Principal Mrs Dunn he has designed this exciting challenge for the children. It is welcoming to children of all ages and all fitness levels. The over-riding goal is ENJOYMENT for the children.

The challenge is also cross curricular as numeracy is incorporated in the recording cards. This has been differentiated for all age groups.

Marathon Challenge details as follows;

  • See images of recording cards below
  • 175 laps of the marked out course is equivalent to a complete marathon. Your child can take as long as they like to complete the challenge….1 month, or before June…BUT enjoy the journey.
  • If your child completes a marathon they can start a new one!
  • P1-P4 wear normal uniform with appropriate shoes for outdoor running e.g. trainers.
  • P5-P6 may wear school PE shirt, with school skirt/trousers into school for the run but are to change back to full uniform for class.
  • P7 may wear full school PE uniform into school for the run but are to change back to full uniform for class.
  • Run begins at 8.40am

To participate all your child has to do is come to school for 8.30am. If the weather is favourable the children will be supervised in the playground from 8.40am and they can walk, jog or run as many laps as they like before the bell goes at 8.55am.


On completion your child will be awarded a Marathon Challenge Certificate

Signed by Mrs Dunn

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